Cozumel, Mexico


May 14, 2014 by kimberlyfenton

Ready to snorkel

Cozumel is a 45 minute ferry ride away from Playa del Carmen and left Cancun at 6am in order to make the 8am ferry… ouch. We made it in good time and we set sail for Cozumel.

Sam met us at the port and we went for breakfast at the top of a 7th storey building with an incredible view of the sea. A beautiful view for a long overdue catch up with Sam, one of the Southampton girls living in Cozumel.  

We arrived to the marina with the boat ready to go with nacho chips, hand-made-grandma’s-secrete-recipe-guacamole, barbecued chicken, rice and tortillas, together with multiple chelas (beers,) tequila, vodka and refrescos (sodas.)

HolisEpic photo

Our first stop was to the Palancar Reef and our final stop was the Colombia Reef- both popular scuba diving destinations. We spent around 45/50 minutes at each spot, exploring the beautiful world below. The water was so nice and warm, it was the best snorkelling I have ever done! The reef formations were incredible and the curious fish seemed to follow our lead. During the day, the highlights were seeing 5 turtles swimming along the reefs and two massive lobsters (which I have never seen before.)


In between the two reef visits we stopped off at “El Cielo” which rightly translates to “Heaven.” You can see from the unedited pictures below the undeniable natural beauty. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the bright blue colours of the sea in Quintana Roo; it bows me away every single time. The sea was an incredible shade of blue and it was crystal clear, allowing us to see all of the starfish from our boat. It was time for our first chela of the day as we relaxed in the calm waters of El Cielo, appreciating all of the starfish. They went on forever, in every direction you swam, there were so many! El Cielo really did live up to its name, it was paradise!
El CieloEl Cielo
After the three incredible snorkelling stops it was time to stop off at a deserted beach to enjoy some food. Like I mentioned before, they came prepared with all sorts of bebidas for us and they quickly served us tequila (double of course) and cranberry juice which, surprisingly, went well together. I very quickly drank 4 of these and I was starting to feel it. The food was tasty too with chicken, tortillas, rice, onions and guacamole.

Check out a little video I put together of a couple of clips I shot that day
Our BoatSaca las ChelasStarfish Just keep swimming

Then it was time to head back to the main island after a great day at sea to make our way back to Playa del Carmen and then Cancun. Such beauty to be found underwater, it really was an amazing day!

3 thoughts on “Cozumel, Mexico

  1. Wow, I love the picture of sea stars. I haven’t seen them in that shape before.

  2. Greg Bell says:

    Fun stuff thanks for sharing! We went on the Cozumel Jeep Shore Excursion while on a cruise visiting Cozumel and fell in love with the island. Hopefully we will be back next time on a land based vacation+

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