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May 24, 2014 by kimberlyfenton

We left Antigua and headed to our next country on the list, Honduras. A country with possibly reputation on par with Mexico in terms of problems with violence. All of which is easily forgotten as we drove through the mountains on the winding roads, where we were able to appreciate the natural beauty of this country.

I am actually glad that I am travelling through Central America during the Rainy Season, or “Green Season” as they try and sell it to the tourists. Everything really is so green. Incredibly green, and any other time of the year, the surroundings would just not be the same. On our drive to Copan we could see how the streets differed from those in Guatemala. Poverty is more obvious here, with the ranches and farm animals walking the main roads causing chaos, and the family houses made out of the only resources they have available.

Copan RuinsCopan RuinsCopan RuinsView from the top

A short distance away from the border is the town of Copan, made famous by its ruins, but with much more to offer. The town is really small with a relaxed feel. The streets are linked with a pretty main square with a heavy Mayan influence. The statues and palm trees lining the plaza add to the town’s charm.

The Copan Ruins are impressive, and extremely well maintained. That was one of the first things I noticed, having been to so many this year in Mexico and more recently, Guatemala. The grass is so, so green and exactly the right length. Sounds ridiculous, but it was really beautiful with the ruins as the perfect backdrop. There were many to expore and climb, all providing a great view over the rainforest. We went early at 8am to avoid the heat and the people, but the sun was shining bright over us the whole day! We were welcomed to the ruins by so many Macaws sittng in the trees, and swooping low to the ground to come and say hello. The colour of them was so bright and a vivid red, it was great.

One of the many MacawsHieroglyphic Stairs The most impressive thing within the ruins was definitely the Hieroglyphic staircase, which was being protected from the sun. The first 15 stairs at the bottom are in the exact original state, with the others in the process of reconstruction from old discoveries and research. It was really interesting to see the designs and drawings which the Mayans had left behind, an interest which has seriously been developing ever since I left Mexico.

Hieroglyphic DetailGreeeeen

Close to Copan is the most incredible natural spa called Luna Jaguar. The drive up the mountain was during the night and it was an adventure in itself. The narrow and winding roads were so rocky and bumpy it was a bit of a mission, with the added view of the cliff edge to enjoy. Once we got there the path to the spas was awesome, hanging bridges with jaguar statues either side and additional Mayan touches- amazing. There were so many different pools and tubs with different things for the body. We were surrounded by the jungle, with pathways lit by candlelights, it was incredible. In touch with nature…

One of the many hot baths. Foot massage.Mud Bath

We enjoyed the mud baths first. Everything was naturally heated from the tiniest source of boiling hot water which made its way down the waterfall to thermally heat the baths. We smothered it on our bodies and then made our way to another bath to wash it off, just because we could, there were so many! There was one with a statue in the middle which we walked around to massage our feet on the rocks below, from hot water to cold. The spa was incredible and we loved every minute of it, the hot waterfalls massaging our backs, the boiling hot baths in which we could just relax, and of course the mud. Amazing.

Check out the steam and mudSteamy

The most amazing dinnerTo top it off, we reached the entrance of the spa where there were two bigger pools and little huts with tables, chairs, bbqs and our cooler full of beer. Two Honduran men made us THE nicest meal I have had in a long time. Chicken and beef kebab on the bbq, refried beans, salsa and tortillas. Love the tortillas.

LET’S GO TO THE BEACH BEACH! Time for the ferry to Roatan Island! Wow what a beautiful place, I could have stayed there for a lot longer. We spent three nights there, and each night we enjoyed the be-a-u-t-iful sunset from the pier right outside our hotel. Probably one of the nicest sunset spots I have seen.

Roatan IslandRoatan Island

Michelle and I spent a full day diving, with 3 dives working out only 10 dollars more than 2 dives. One in the morning, followed by breakfast, then one at half 11, followed by 2 divine smoothies, and one in the afternoon. Perfect. The dives were under five minute from the shore, with the reef so close, so it was a short boat ride. During the first dive, I saw my first snake underwater, and it was pretty special. The other dives were also incredible, with awesome holes, caves and tunnels to swim through which I love. The best was when we were pretty deep diving through a hole, to come out the other end to the deep blue sea, the edge of the reef. It was incredible!

Day of DivingDive sites 5 mins from shore

West Bay beach was absolutely incredible. A walk or a short water taxi away and we were there in the bright turquoise waters. Wow, it was beautiful! Such an incredible day just chilling, swimming out to snorkel the beautiful reef, seeing lots of fish and practising freedriving. Then taking full advantage of the sun loungers, food and beer. Such a beautiful, beautiful beach, and I have no words to describe how great and relaxed the day was…

Heading to West BayWest Bay
West BayWest Bay

Abi, Fliss, Michelle and IFreediving

Roatan Island in itself is a pretty cool place, just really strange that we were there during low season. Low season, yet crab season. There were more crabs, sadly dead or alive, on the streets than people! The crabs were just scuttling along and diving into their holes at the sight of people. I have never seen so many. The streets were quiet and all the cool bars and restaurants lining the beach front were just empty and, most of the time, closed. The bar shut at 12pm on the first night, and only on Friday was it open longer. Apparently days before the island was hit with endless rain, so we were lucky. The sun was so hot even at 8am!

SunsetGirls at Sunset

Until next time, Nicaragua is calling.


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