The Windy City

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August 21, 2014 by kimberlyfenton

Chicago, The Windy City, possibly my favourite city in the United States of America!

Outstanding Night SkylineBreathtaking

During my time here, the views were absolutely breathtaking, whether that be from the ground with the impressive skyline at night, or from the 103rd floor of the Wills tower!

IncredibleWe arrived in Chicago to quite humid we
ather in comparison to San Francisco and we took a shuttle to Downtown Chicago to our hotel. As we drove away from the airport and saw the skyline lit up in the night sky I immediately fell in love with Chicago, there was something special about it, and to this day, I can’t stop raving about it!

After settling into our hotel, we then hit the streets of Chicago. One of the first things I noticed was how clean it was! We were walking the streets exploring until midnight over to Navy Pier with all of the bright lights and attractions! Like a funfair! Brilliant!
We woke up really early to make the most of our day in Chicago. I was so exOn The Ledge!cited, I had great expectations for Chicago. We were out and about walking the town at 9am. First stop was Willis Tower to visit the Skydeck. The Willis Tower, formerly called Sears Tower is incredible, its the Worlds largest building, soaring 103 levels high into the Chicago Skyline. There was a little bit of a queue, but at least it was moving. On entrance, we took the elevator half way up and my ears kept popping! Crazy! Once we had paid, the queue line turned into a tourist line weaving through a mini museum of Chicago. A great way to start our visit to Chicago by reading and seeing models of the famous sights in Chicago. We then watched a short 10 minute film about the history of the Willis Tower and it was actually really interesting, to learn about how the design came about and how they fought the cold and windy conditions to build it so high.

AmazingSkyline at Night

We then took one more elevator ride upwards to the 103rd floor. The view was absolutely spectacular! A must see, you can see for miles- into 4 different states! Incredible! The top floor was packed with tourists, but it was still hugely enjoyable, the view of the skyline was truly breathtaking. The tower has glass ledges, which act like a see-through balcony, so that you can stand on it and see everything below you- awesome!

Beautiful SkylineThe Ledge

ASteph and Ifter the Willis tower we continued on our walking tour of Downtown Chicago. Absolutely in love with this place! We were on our feet the entire day, and I had completely fallen for it. “One day I WILL work here” I kept saying. Great City!

The next stop was Millienium Park and it really was amazing- so beautiful! The cool silver bean in the middle was incredible! As a mirror it reflected part of Chicago’s beautiful skyline- so cool! The trees, fountains, walkways, plants and the gardens just made Millenium Park look so pretty!


YeoooowNavy Pier

We then made our way down to the Magnificent Mile. I love this City! I think the feeling of unity in the City added to the overall appeal; you were guaranteed to see at least 2 people in every group that walked past you wearing some sort of sporting attire supporting the various Chicago teams- Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Fire all in the major leagues.

YesThe Jelly Bean lookalike

After a great day of walking around the City we jumped on the blue CTA line to takes us to the Allstate Arena which was around 30-45 minutes away to watch a WNBA Match!! On arrival we were so excited, jumping around and screaming, which continued throughout the duration of the match.

Chicago Sky vs Indiana FeverWith our new JerseysHalf Time EntertainmentMake Some Noise

We then found our seats and we were right at the front, Two rows away from courtside! Great seats! Chicago Sky vs Indiana Fever. It was a great game to watch, especially being a women’s basketball player myself, to see how the professionals play. Sky went down by 10 points but then came back even in the 4th quarter and then it was a one point game until the end, so tight! Amazing to watch!

WowEarly MorningYeooowThe Willis TowerSkyline Reflection

Another must see for me was the United Center, home of Chicago Blackhawks, and of particular interest to me, Chicago Bulls. It was off season and so it was only myself and this friendly Canadian man walking around looking for the Michael Jordan statue.

MJ StatueThe next day, we made the visit we swore we would do from our first taxi journey into Chicago- Garrett’s popcorn! Throughout our stay in Chicago we had always seen queues out of the door, all the way along the street, never ending! So we joined the queue and I bought a medium caramel crisp. SO GOOD. The best popcorn I have ever had! Garrett’s famous popcorn mix is Caramel and Cheese, which is crazy! Steph bought one, and I admit, it somehow worked! Even though we only bought a medium, it lasted forever, there was so much of it! Everyone has to visit Chicago, even if it is for the traditional Garretts Popcorn! We returned to Magnificent Mile, crossing the bridge with the most spectacular views. Everywhere in Chicago is absolutely beautiful, the skyline is just outstanding!

Definitely returning to Chicago soon! I fell in love with it. The feeling is almost as strong as my love for Costa Rica, and that is saying something!



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