Bonito, Brasil, 2010

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July 4, 2015 by kimberlyfenton

The BandAfter a night full of caiprinhas and dancing on the street (where I actually joined the street band for the night,) we woke up early ready for 8am and took a bus ride to Rio de Prata, which is where the best snorkelling place in fresh water is in the World! We arrived, had our briefing, then got into our wetsuits- which was a bit of a struggle.

We took a jeep to our starting point where we did a 45 minute trek through the jungle. We then entered the 24 degrees water and it was crystal clear with 55 different species of fish and volcanic areas below which made the coral/sand bubble- absolutely amazing!

The wetsuits enabled us to just float and watch the fish swim by, all we needed to do was to gently move our arms if we wanted to go faster.

Rio de PrataSnorkelling

The majority of the river weren’t very deep at all, about 2 metres perhaps, and it was important not to touch the coral. We swam/glided, in a single file stopping at various points. We then came across a section which was really quite rocky with a fast current. We were prepped on what to do and then we just floated all of the way, bracing ourselves. The current was so fast that it completely took us down into the rocks, almost like a slide, and we just zoomed straight out at the end. It was so much fun, I just wanted to do it again! Upon entering the river I had a scab on my leg, quite a big, nasty scab, and by the time I had left the river it was completely gone! The mini fish must have enjoyed their lunch biting my scab off… Ew.

After our 1800m decent the stream finally reached the river which was much colder than the 24 degrees we enjoyed at the start. Also, it was much deeper in this area and so you couldn’t really see much.

Our local guide was so moody and never smiled- but that didn’t matter as she was just at the front showing us where to go and I guess she was just protective over the environment- always telling us to be quiet and basically calm down! All in all, definitely worth the visit!



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