Iguazu Falls, Brasil & Argentina

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July 4, 2015 by kimberlyfenton

Iguazu Falls… Outstanding views of exquisite natural beauty.Waterfalls

Recommendation is to visit the falls from the Brazilian side first, as this is like watching a film. Tomorrow, from the Argentinian side, it will be like you’re an actor in the film; right there in the action!

On the Brazil side the views were still so beautiful and as we walked along the path after each corner we turned, there’d be more and more to see, amazing sights and never ending waterfalls!

Devil's ThroatThe first thing we did on the Argentinian side was to take a little train ride to the Devil’s Throat “Garganta del Diablo” – in many people’s opinions – the most impressive section of the waterfalls. It was mindblowing. The sounds of the rushing waves of the largest waterfall was really something. 275 waterfalls in total.

We then did the upper circuit foot path, which was so close to the waterfalls- you could feel the backsplash and mist on your face. For lunch we went to a pretty posh buffet on site which had loads of meat on show and a huge variety.


All fed and ready for a ride in a jeep safari through the rainforest to the drop off point and the daring speedboat ride into the waterfalls.

The speedboat took us down the river at an exhilarating pace, cutting and turning, going really fast over the rapids which was so much fun and obviously we got soaked! We then turned the corner and boom, the view before us was simply incredible, beyond description. Truly breathtaking sights, the waterfalls were never-ending.  Then the boat would dip us into the waterfall and it was crazy, the water was raging down at us- it was like it was alive- mental. We were soaked! The sheer number of waterfalls, the sounds of the raging rapids, and the incredible volume of water was just incredible!

We then did the lower circuit at the base of the waterfalls, and that was that- completely breathtaking.

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