Pantanal, Brasil, 2010

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July 4, 2015 by kimberlyfenton

About 2 hours from the Bolivia/Brasil border, Pantanal. A great way to start a month’s trip through Brasil. We arrived to an amazing hostel, stuff made of dreams. Outstanding beauty, no traffic, no tourists, just us at one with the wildlife. The ranch was gorgeous and completely in the middle of nowhere with stables, horses, a really cute hut cafeteria, beautiful hammock area, swamp full of crocodiles and a soccer pitch. It was so nice to just chill out in the hammock area with friends, or a book or our iPods


The weather was amazing here, boiling hot and so I finally whipped out my vest tops and shorts as we chilled out in the gorgeous sun 🙂 Lunch was very similar to that of Costa Rica- beans, rice, potatoes. Brings back memories!

The lake/swamp had so many little crocodiles living there that were motionless and just stared at you. The owner of the ranch took us all on a trek through the jungle/wetlands surrounding us where we saw beautiful midnight blue macaws- a truly incredible, majestic colour, howling monkeys, racoons, pigs, deer, and a variety of birds. We had to walk through this swamp like thing a couple of times which was pretty grim, especially after being told that piranhas lived in these swamps. It was really nice to explore the surroundings on foot and it was amazing to see the sunlight rays breaking through the trees/bamboo of the woods. Also, to get up close and personal to the wildlife!
The next day we took a jeep/wagoon thing on a safari out of the ranch and through the wetlands which was good fun and we saw lots of different types of birds, storks, toucans and lots of caymen aligators! We also saw the track of an anachonda on the road, to which the drivers jumped out to try and find. I think throughout the entire day we only passed one other car, it was so tranquil and so we could fully appreciate the wildlife on offer in Pantanal, Brazil’s wetlands

In the Jeep!

We stopped at two different sites to go piranah fishing with these fishing rods made out of bamboo. However, we were paying more attention to the cayman alligator that was attracted to our meat! Eventually it caught on to Barney’s rod who was unable to move it in time and kept snapping its mouth together to free itself! Crazy!

Time to jump on the ranch’s horses into the swamps and explore the jungle.

Through swamps, into Jungle
The scenery was breathtaking and the wildlife was impressive. We saw another monkey and at one point a cobra scared some of the horses and they all just jumped to the side really really quickly- so scary. We also had to walk through loads of the swamps again, this time on the horses with the tails of the horses in front soaking us!



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