Playa Samara, Costa Rica

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July 4, 2015 by kimberlyfenton

Howler MonkeyMumma and babyFinal stop in Costa Rica, Playa Samara! It was boiling! The hotel was located about a 20 minute walk from the town and beach but right on the path the howler monkeys take every day! In the four days that we were there, we saw so many howler monkeys! The best was on our walk back on the last day, and we saw about 15 of them all together, munching on some food as they jumped from tree to tree. They were right by the road and we managed to look at them up close with their jet black faces staring back at us, it was amazing. We saw one mummy monkey hanging upside down by her tail, with the smallest monkey that I have ever seen, attached to her back! It was so cute! There were other little ones running about, but this baby was about the size of my hand, and its little beady eyes were looking right back at us, face to face, amazing!

Playa SamaraC & C Surf SchoolSorting out boardSurfer Wannabee

One of the main tourist attractions for Costa Rica is the surf, in particular the Pacific Coast, the Nicoya Peninsula. Playa Samara is one of the easiest places to learn with good beginner waves but also draws in the experienced surfers at different times of the day. We managed to find a deal where we paid $35 for a 2 hour lesson, and then we were entitled to free surfboard rental whenever we liked for the next 5 days! An amazing deal which gave us a great 4 days full of surfing and chilling at the beach! We both got the hang of it pretty quickly, with both of us standing up on the 2nd wave we caught. Woooo! Amateurs.

WoohooSal Pro
Surfer GirlAmateur hour

Go on SalPlaya Samara

Surfer Twins...

Again, in true Fenton family style, the next day we might have been a little bit cocky with each other and maaaay have been trying to show off catching the biggest waves as we used the hard boards (they teach you on the soft boards first.) So there she went, everything was looking pro, looking back at the wave, paddling hard, chest up, hands to her ribs and boom, up she came jumping onto the board… then as she jumps off, she lands awkwardly on her feet, causing her to tumble back and splutter through the waves crashing down on her face “Help! Kim! He- lp!” Turns out she really hurt her ankle and limps back to the shore, with big-little sis me carrying her board. Aww. All she needed was a rest the next day, and she was back riding the waves on our final day in Samara. New hobbie, uhoh, it was great fun!

After a little over 3 amazing weeks, it is now time to say goodbye to Costa Rica with a 4 am bus from Samara to San Jose taking 5 hours. I am now writing this entry from the 16 hour Ticabus we have just boarded, and we are on our way to Panama! My final destination of my Central American journey!


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