Paraty & Ilha Grande, Brasil

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July 5, 2015 by kimberlyfenton

Our hostel was amazing, right on the beach, and from the upstairs hammocks you can just chill with the view of the beautiful white sandy beach and the palm trees swaying to the sea breeze. Of course we took advantage of the free kayaks and paddled out to the little island.



The town of Paraty is really old in some parts but that just adds to its character- its such a pretty place with cobbled roads, so it was quite tricky to walk. Really friendly people too, which is always good! After exploring the town (a literacy festival was going on so it was decorated with flags and stuff) we went for an early dinner. One thing I’ve noticed in Brasil is that all the meals in restaurants are made to share for at least 2 people.

Some cute little local bars, overflowing into the street. We went out and joined the party, which was packed with live music from all angles


We watched this Capoiera show better described as “avoid the kung fu kick with acrabats” dance thing for those who hadn’t heard of it before. All of a sudden they dragged me in to the middle of the circle and expected me to “dual” with this little boy. It was hilarious! I was up against this little kid, and I had no idea what to do, but he had obviously been waiting a lifetime to have a go and wanted to show of his moves, I felt sorry he was up against me- it was so funny so I just experimented with random kung fu moves to the beat of the drums lining the circle.

Sad to leave Paraty, it was literally paradise, a secluded white beach with just kayaks, locals and sea turtles for company. Time to set sail on the Catamaran headed for Ilha Grande.

The vieOn the Catamaranws ahead were just as beautiful as the views we were leaving. We walked straight to the rooftop where we had a beautiful panoramic view. It was difficult to choose which way to face once I finally sat down- the beautiful port we were leaving in the distance, or face the excitement that was reaching Ilha Grande. It was a beautiful day, really sunny with blue skies and birds flying ahead, but very windy on the top deck.

We arrived at around midday and found our small little hostel, which is the cutest thing I have ever seen… painted bright yellow, blue and pink with the most random little ornaments and windmills in the garden.

We explored the National Park and spotted some squirrel monkeys, beautiful waterfalls, natural pools, ruins and beaches.
The beaches were so beautiful and different. Especially the beach with black sand grains! The rock formations on one of the beaches made for an incredible picture- they look like big, polished pebbles!  We suddenly came across a waterfall in which we could climb closer too- up and over a couple of massive rocks, and boom, a natural pool. It was amazing, surrounded by the jungle with trees hanging over us as we jumped into the pool!
lha Grande used to be used just as a Prison, and so we also walked past some underground Looking into the Jungleprisons which were pretty haunting to look into! We also found this massive, and I mean massive like 3 double decker buses high clay rock in the middle of the Jungle. It was so smooth and rounded, and we challenged ourselves to climb it like spiderman, we literally had to run up it using our hands and feet. The view from the top was jaw-dropping incredible. It was like we were part of the rainforest, we were surrounded from all angles by wildlife and different types of trees- incredible! We spent a while up there taking photos and chilling, looking out into the Jungle.


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