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Where am I? I am currently living in Mexico City embarking on a new adventure working for Chivas Brothers.

Ballantine’s Ambassador @ Pernod Ricard México.

Who am I? Recent graduate from the University of Southampton where you could find me studying for my BSc Management Sciences and Spanish degree, or on the basketball court. Otherwise, I belong underwater, exploring the depths below.

Traveller at heart, with a love for discovering new cultures, new oceans, beautiful views and sharing experiences with like-minded people.


2009- My travel bug started when I was 17, and took my first solo trip abroad without my family. I went with the charity Raleigh International to Costa Rica where we helped to build a school, lived with an indigenous family and trekked coast to coast, through the jungle.

2010- South America: Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil

2011- Morocco. http://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog/kim_puravida/4/tpod.html

2011- Soccer Coach & Counselor at a Camp Blue Ridge, Pennsylvania, USA. Exploring New York, Miami, Orlando, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago.

2012- Europe: Spain, Portugal and France

2013- I lived and worked in Mexico for a year, with two months travelling Central America, from Cancun all the way down to Panama, hitting Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica on the way.

2014– Mexico. Cityhopping in Europe- Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Milan, Belgium

2015- Living in Mexico City, a great base to explore the Americas a little bit more!



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